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Dr Dawn Sant BSc PhD, Psychologist based in Hale, Cheshire

Welcome to Emotional Matters

Relationships are an integral part of our everyday lives and all of us struggle with relationship difficulties from time to time. While we manage to work through most of these difficulties, some problems continue to breaking point, and negatively impact our lives.

I’m Dr Dawn Sant and I support clients who struggle with difficult relationships and want to make improvements. I have a private psychology practice and am based in Cheshire.

It is wise to seek professional help if:

  • Your relationship with a loved one, family member, friend or colleague is breaking down to the point that it is affecting your day to day life
  • You have separated or divorced from your partner
  • Your child has emotional and behavioural problems and is acting them out at home and/or school
  • You have been involved with a conflict that might lead to or has led to a court hearing

At Emotional Matters I will work with you to tackle these challenging situations to enable you to respond to them with clarity and dignity. We’ll work to reduce the distress they cause and prevent them from escalating further, all in the comfort of a private and confidential environment.

Take some time to look around my website for further information on the services I offer.

Call me on 07986 065166 for a free 15 minute consultation or email me on dawn@emotionalmatters.uk.

Dr Dawn Sant BSc PhD